909 Flats Nashville

909 Flats GermantownThe 909 Flats Germantown, a community in Nashville are one of the newest downtown apartment lofts in the revitalized Germantown area.  The lofts will be on the 2017 Home Tour, April 23rd from 1PM-6PM.

The 909 Flats Germantown Cool Factor 

German town has been on the radar for a few years now. Trendy, modern, cozy, revitalized, just think of a Comfort word and it most likely describes the community of Germantown.  If I were new to the city, this would be a strong candidate to set up shop. 

The Amenities

Each area promotes casual interactivity between residents.  One wall has sections of chalkboard with jars of chalk.  Each section has a couple of words encouraging to write a saying or idea. 

The entrance has a set of stairs with the 909 Flats logo.  Artwork from local artists is displayed everywhere.  There are several places to pull up a chair and work or relax.  

A few music artists have decided to call 909 Flats their home.  There have already been a few impromptu concerts in the lounge area shown here.  


909 Flats Model LivingroomThe Apartments

The apartments are comfortable and modern.  The model that I photographed had a terrific view of the pool, which will be complete later this spring.   The bedrooms have ample space in all of the modern amenities in the bathrooms.

The 2017 Home Tour

To get a first-person view of the 909 Flats and many other cool new downtown lofts, be sure to get your tickets for the home tour on April 23rd starting at 1PM.  Visit the Downtown Partnership website for more information. NashvilleDowntown.com/HomeTour



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