Jackson Hills Amenities Center

Outdoor Gathering AreaJackson Hills Amenities Center is a creation by Michael Hathaway and 906 Studio Architects.  The design, style, and construction are that of a higher priced community, yet homes in Jackson Hills start at under 300K.


A torrential downpour and a severe weather change occurred the night before we were scheduled for photography.  Because of the sun direction the poolside of the exterior was to be photographed early in the morning.  Unfortunately the clouds remained with mulch and debris scattered across the property.  Add to that the temperature dropped like a rock from the mid sixties the day before down to the low forties!  The folks from Jackson Hills were wonderful and got to work right away cleaning up.  We began with the interior and later that morning proceeded outside.

After the cleanup, we started on the poolside where we captured the relationship of the architecture to the outdoor design. On of my favorite elements was the outdoor seating area structure. It is massive!  This structure alone puts it on a different level.


I keep thinking back in my mind wondering how they could have justified such an incredible project.  It had to be pricey.   The build, the fit and finish all were that of something seen in the most luxurious, exclusive neighborhoods.  This high end continued to the interior and I couldn’t wait to get to work doing the captures.


Walk into the entrance and look up. There you will see a tower like structure with beams crossing into a pleasing pattern. Above the beams are four windows with light pouring in from all sides.

The main room truly is breathtaking. It has mixed elements, probably leaning towards a lodge style, but with more sophistication.  Windows are everywhere, so natural light is in welcomed abundance and anytime of day.  The wooden ceiling beams form a unique crossed pattern and invite the eye right to the fireplace.  Furniture is cozy.  There are several places to sit and relax.

Other rooms I captured were the banquet room and the fitness center.  Check out the images below.


In my opinion architecture truly shows its form at twilight.  Exterior elements like trees and gardens fade into the darkness leaving merely a hint of their daytime existence.  The night sky becomes the backdrop for architecture.

This is where the architecture took on a life of its own.  The outdoor A-frame structure was transformed into a warm glowing piece of art.  The building sits next to a thoroughfare and entices to be seen.

Jackson Hills Amenities Center