Maristone Assisted Living

Maristone Assisted Living is located in Franklin Tennessee. While not as large as many centers in the area, it makes up for size in the high level of care and amenities provided.

Imagery to tell the Maristone story

There are so many things maristone living has that other assisted living centers lack.  First and foremost, the level of care and love for the residents is obvious.  I wanted to show that to prospective residents – not just a well appointed facility, but that life could continue and remain dignified.  There is of course additional help to compensate for age.  But everything else, apartments, amenities, dining, and entertainment are conveniently located in one place.  There’s even a church and a beauty salon!

The Amenities

The first time Tim McConnell Took me through nearest town I got a chance to see the second floor lounge area. It rivals any high end residence club or exclusive  private golf course clubhouse. The lounge even has a second floor balcony overlooking hey beautiful courtyard.

We ate lunch in the residence cafeteria. The food was truly incredible. We had salmon croquet and asparagus. It was well-prepared and tasty. I would eat there even if I wasn’t a resident!


My first inclination when preparing to preview the apartments for photography was that there would be Little consideration for style, just  handicapped elements everywhere. This was definitely not the case. There are still accommodations for any type of handicap. But most elements remain hidden and the apartments look like any he went see and a brand-new downtown loft. Everything is conveniently located with easy access. In the bathroom the shower is easy entry and easy to move around.

Last year my parents finally decided that it would be best to enter assisted living.  It wasn’t an easy decision. I am sure it never is for any family.  Because I live a day’s drive away from them, a tinge of guilt seems to eat at me for suggesting that it was time for them to move to assisted living.  I tend to think back to the movie “Happy Madison,” where Adam Sandler’s grandmother is placed into an assisted living center and forced to knit and crochet for crooked employees.   Of course my parents are wonderfully cared for in their facility in Pennsylvania.  But if I had my way I would want them to stay in a wonderful caring center like Maristone Living!

It was a pleasure to photograph maristone assisted living. I would recommend them to anyone who has parents who still crave Independence, but with a little help along the way.  MP