I finally had the time to sit down and work on the furniture product photography for Austin Bryant Moore.

Normally after the photo-shoot, I would spend some time in post-production producing the final product.  This time, Scott Moore, my contact at Austin Bryant Moore requested that I deliver untouched unprocessed raw files.  That added a bit more emphasis on getting it right in the camera.  But that’s how I work anyway.

From the start, this photoshoot was different.  Normally Scott would schedule an on-location session to capture their creations.  I would usually be capturing a kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom cabinets, something that was built-in. This time we were in-studio, a completely different way of capturing.

We did the photo shoot at Michael Gomez’ Westlight Studios here in Franklin. In the studio there is the ability to have complete control over lighting. It’s a lot simpler to achieve the ideal conditions. No fighting against different lighting sources, from different types of light like indoor or outdoor.  I am not used to that!

Everything that Austin Bryant Moore creates is custom and ultra high-end. In fact, the furniture from this photo shoot is scheduled to be displayed at a prestigious furniture show in the Hamptons. The quality is amazing.  Just get close up and examine the fit and finish, or try to lift a piece. The quality of craftsmanship will be immediately apparent.  I think one of the guys put their back out trying to place a peace in the right position for me.

 furniture product photography There was a bench that had so many pieces to it that it took them literally an hour to put together. It was a bench made up of  about 100 ribs.  At first, it looked flimsy.  I was doubting that it could be a solid structure.  Scott had me sit on it and it was solid as anything and very comfortable.  This was a lesson in architectural engineering.

Another creation was a clothing closet.  True to form, the fit and finish was perfect.  I was tough to capture because of its height.  It turned out to be one of the favorite images.

I had a blast. Scott and the gang are always fun to work with!  Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.


A couple of images from the photo shoot.  It took me a while to get used to the even light in the studio. Like a champ, I figured it out and we produced some dynamite shots!