Commercial Photographer | Drone Pilot

Who I Am

I am a photographer for commercial & advertising  as well as a drone pilot – more specifically an FAA certified sUAS pilot.  I work on location in the South such as Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia.  Another place I work frequently is Peru.

What I Do

In short, I create and produce imagery as well as motion media. To clarify, I specialize in photographing architecture, interior designs, products, food, and lifestyle – not to mention a number of other specialties.   By and large I work on a commissioned basis.

Equally important I create and produce stock imagery of iconic landmarks, places and architecture in greater Nashville TN.


Since 2008, I’ve been a professional photographer. Additionally, I’ve been regularly published in popular magazines and newspapers on the national, regional, and local levels.  My clients include publications, ad agencies, builders, architects, and interior designers.

Photographer - Marty Paoletta
It is a pleasure to live and serve in the greater Nashville Tennessee area.  My office and studio are located just minutes South of Nashville, In Franklin Tennessee. I have another office in Peru. But I am there for only two to three months per year.  Consequently, you might want to call ahead to make sure I’m there!

About Marty Paoletta

I was a latecomer to photography. The creation process felt similar to music, which was the original reason I made Nashville my home. From the start I could see finished compositions in my head. But I had to learn how to get there. Being self-taught, I challenged myself to create and produce the highest quality imagery.
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Twilight Photography

I have provided almost a decade of service to middle Tennessee.

I quickly learned that it’s not just honed skills that yield great photography. One must have the right tools. In other words, great imagery demands both multiple equipment solutions and skill sets. So as each new challenge occurred I would learn a new skill or add to my equipment.  Within a few years I had in my arsenal multiple solutions for each challenge. Based on the conditions, I could apply a solution that helped to best produce beautiful imagery for my client.

As time went on, businesses seeing that my skills improved would contact me for more complex and demanding projects. It wasn’t long before I morphed into architectural & commercial assignments (high-rise lofts, condos, luxury homes, hospitality) albeit after years of photographing real estate listings.

Terrahouse Lounge bar; Photographer - Marty Paoletta
If you are considering professional photography, aerial photography or video to showcase your business or service, call or contact me anytime for more information or to schedule an assignment. Call Us 615.305.3071.

I use full-frame Canon camera bodies and L lenses. For Lighting equipment and modifiers I use Profoto. This gives me the the opportunity to create and produce the best possible imagery.

I have the experience to go into virtually any assignment, any situation and produce high quality photography assets.

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